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 Jan S. Krogh's Geosite:

At the town of Pyla the United Nations Buffer Zone ends it main stretch in the east towards the SBA Area of Dhekelia.  

The border marker is of standard Cypriot type. The village is special in the respect that it is the only settlement in Cyprus still inhabited by both its original Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot inhabitants 1). 850 of the inhabitants are Greek Cypriots and 487 are Turkish Cypriots 2).

A border marker at the road right north of Pyla. From Kevin Meynell's 2003 report 3, 4, 5) we know this border marker was no. 28.

The UK-Cyprus border marker is here completely marked with both Station and Station Mark codes.

A sign at the northern side of the marker informs that one enters a United Kingdom territory.

A piece of the United Kingdom on Cyprus. The UK sign was in English only, as everywhere else on the island.

At the southern side of the border a blue sign told "UN Bufferzone" in English, Turkish and Greek.

Or more accurate: "UN BUŦŦERZONE".

The location of these photos are north of the town of Pyla; one of the very few towns on Cyprus where Cypriots and Turks still are living side by side as before 1974.  The town is located inside the United Nation Buffer Zone.

The upper photos on this page were photographed here.

About 400 metres west of the location, in the middle of the UN buffer zone the Turks had an observation post (called "TR OP" on this image), just above the town.

The OP was located on a small hill, a few hundred metres north of the city centre.

The Turkish exclave inside the United Nation zone appeared to have very good communications systems. 

A few hundred metres north of the road border with entry signs we observed a more ordinary UK-UN border marker; from concrete and unnumbered. 

The marker was about 60 cm tall. On this photo this position is marked "UKUN bm".

Some 100 metres west of the mentioned marker we found a typical land United Nations greenline with white painted oil barrels marked with "UN" as well as No Photography and No Entry signs. The area anyway looked quite calm and with a number of new built dwellings. But after almost 38 years, still under international control.


But here the barrels marked a UN-UK boundary.

White-painted barrels with "UN" in black. On this photo this position is marked "UN barr".

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