BM 211
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Rielasingen – Ramsen Border Marker no. 211

The border is turning about 110° here at German-Swiss border marker no. 211 next to the German border station Rielasingen (behind me on the photo). The small road behind me is in German while my right foot is standing in Switzerland.

Close-up photo of the same marker seen from above. My left hand is in Germany and my right hand is located in Switzerland.

The turn is almost 110° going from west – southeast.

Photo taken from south. "CS" means Canton Schaffhausen is in the direction of the viewer. The border stone is of the same type and markings as at Büsingen.

The marker seen from west. 211 is the number of the border marker.

From north we read "1839" – the year of border agreement between Baden and Switzerland of 1 March 1839.

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