BM 212
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Rielasingen Ramsen Border Marker no. 212

Border marker no 212 photographed from east. I am standing in Switzerland and the photographer, my daughter Severia, is standing in Germany.

The border turns from south to south-southwest.

Close-up image.

"GB" means the (former) Grossherzogtum Baden. Below is an "A" which is not fully clear what stands for, but is usually the first name of the local (Baden) district. In this case this letter is therefore most likely referring to the former municipality of Arlen (im Hegau), now a part of the town of Rieslangen. Arlen was an independent municipality in Baden from 1810 until 1936 when it merged with Rieslangen, and it was in this time period the border markers were erected. 1)

Eastern side and top of border marker 212.

BM 212 seen from south.

From about the same angle.

BM 212 from west. "CS R" = in this direction is the Canton Schaffhausen Ramsen. The signification "CS" means Canton Schaffhausen and the "R" is standing for Ramsen. Since 1770 Ramsen has been a part of the "Eidgenossenschaft" (the first name of the state Switzerland). When the border markers were erected, Ramsen was already a community of the Canton Schaffhausen. 2)

BM 212 from north with the number of the marker.

Click on the photo to watch it it big formate

Overview of border marker no. 212 seen from north towards marker no. 213. (Click on the photo to get up a high resolution image.)

1) Rielasingen-Worblingen: Wie entstand Rielasingen-Worblingen?

2) Correspondence between Mr. Gerhard Hug, Gemeinde Ramsen and me of 8 Sep 2006.

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