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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Kul'kishki (BY) – Sakaline (LT) divided village – maps

The villages of Sakalinė and Kul'kishki are very close, but in order to visit people on the other side of the fence one has to travel via Šalcininkai and Bieniakoni. (Map: Lietuvos autokelių atlasas, 1:200.000, Jana seta, Riga, 2008. ISBN 978-9984-07-475-7.)

The quickest legal route between the two villages, partly on unpaved roads, is 31 km. It takes about 1 hour each way – the border crossing alone takes minimum 20 minutes, while driving alone about 30 minutes. But sometimes it is impossible to get from the main road to Kul'kishki because of muddy road. Most villagers anyway do not have any car, or money for petrol and visa.  But, there is a locked door in the border fence in this which technically can be opened...

This Soviet map shows how incorporated the Byelorussian village was in Sakaline. The main road access was through Sakaline and Lithuania. (Source: Soviet map sheet N-35-63-71V).

In 1935, after Poland had occupied Vilnius area from Lithuania, we find Sakaline and Kul'kishki – but now both villages have Polish names. (Source: WIGP 31S41 Soleczniki, 1935.)

On this map we can see Sokolenszczyana and Kulkiszki were two separated villages.

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