Y. Askipara
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Yukhari Askipara

The Azeri enclave and exlave of Yukhari (Upper) Askipara is completely surrounded by Armenian province of Tavush. The shortest distance from the exclave to Azerbaijan proper is about 1300 metres. The enclave is about 6,9 km from north to south and about 5,8 km from west to east.

The enclave showed on this ortomap is named after the Armenian town of Askipara (or Voskepar) which is situated between the exclave and the mainland.  This exclave is most likely annexed by Armernia, but in that case the annexation is not internationally recognized.

This Azeri map confirms Azerbaijan's claim on the two large enclaves in the north – Yukhari Askipara (to west) and Barkhudali (to east). (Source: Landsaft Xeritesi, 1:3.150.000, Dövlet Torpaq ve Xeritecekme Komitesinin, Baki Kartografiya Fabriki 2005-ci il, from dtxk.gov.az in March 2010.)

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