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Israel (IL) – Jordan (JO) border

Wadi Araba Crossing (between Eilat, Israel and Aqaba, Jordan)

We could not see any bordermarkers near the border, only a change in the pavement between the two border stations. This photo is pictured towards north; Israel is left and Jordan is right.  Visited in December 2009.
This border is now demarcated and there are put up border markers as ILJO bm 112, ILJO bm114 and ILJO bm116. (Photo: Kobi Zilberstein.)

From the same point as above, only towards south. (Jordan is left, Israel is right.)

Israeli sign with Arabic text on Israeli side of the border (Israeli border station in background). The sign text is: «Dear driver, open up the car for safety check. Place suitcases outside your vehicle. Drive further according to the security officer's instruction. When you arrive at the gate, stop the vehicle before the yellow line. Turn off the engine, open the doors of the vehicle and follow the instructions of the security person.» 

Israeli - Jordanian vista towards north.




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