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FRIT 114 Maps

France – Italy (FRIT): Border markers 114 – 114/7 at Menton – Ventimiglia (under construction)

French - Italian border marker no 114 (close-up).  The marker is from 1990.  France to left (west), Italy to right (east).

The marker is situated at the foot of the stairs up to a bar. 

The marker is in the right part of the photo.  The huge triangle with black edges is a maritime navigational signal which notifies the position of the country border. Notice lamps for night signals.

The upper road bridge with the maritime border marker photographed from the coast.

In the middle of the road, about 7 metres south-southwest from bm 114, is sub marker no 114/1. From this point the French-Italian border is running southeast for about 14 metres. The Italian tobacco and alcohol shop is located so close it is possible to get to France.

Border marker no 114/1 (1990). Notice the 90° turning point exactly in the middle of the road.

From bm 114/1 about 14 metres towards bm 114/2.  Further southeast the boundary meets with the next border marker.

From bm 114/2 towards northwest to bm 114/1.

At border marker no 114/2 the boundary turns 90° 

The boundary goes further about 7,5 metres from bm 114/2 and in southwestern direction where it meets with bm 114/3.

This photo is taken towards east. The former Italian customs. 6)

The centre of the bridge is between the light pole and the Italian traffic sign. The boundary line (bm 114/3) is about 20 cm northwest of the light pole, approximately just above where the light pole cable goes in to the side of bridge and where there is a notch in the concrete edge.  6)

Photo taken from border marker 114/3 and in north-northwestern direction towards border marker 114.

Photo taken from Italian side in southeast towards the French side in northwest.  3/4 of the centre part of the upper bridge is Italian, while 1/4 is French.  The artillery bastion is straight ahead, just adter the boundary,  Notice the "France" traffic sign – although it is situated in Italy it is texted in French! 

From the same point, but now in southern direction towards the border river and the French-Italian railway bridge.

From same point, but slightly in a different angle; towards the Mediterranian Sea.

Close-up of the last photo.  We can see something on the sides of the middle point of the railway bridge, which most probably are border markers no 114/4 and 114/5.  (We do not know if the border runs along the middle of the river or otherwise.)

Border marker no 114/6 which is located at the lower car bridg, only 50 metres from the sea..

Photographed from bm 114/6 and towards north.  The border follows the middlepoint of the river (under the branches).

Pont St Ludovic is the French name of the place where the border is going.  Ponte San Luigi is the Italian name. 

From border marker no 114/6 and in direction of bm 114/7.  The area is now largely a parking lot for Menton tourists' mobile homes.

... and the other way around – towards north and border marker no 114/6.

The last dry border marker on the French-Italian border is no 114/7. 

Border marker no 114/7 indicates that the point is on a straight boundary. Also from 1990 as all the other bms in this report.

Photo from bm 114/7 and in direction to bm 114. We see the upper road bridge with the maritime border marker.

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