CZPL IV/141/10-IV/143a
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Czechia - Poland Boundary Points IV/141/10 – IV/143a (Kopaczów, Poland – Oldrzychów na Granicach, Czechia)

Above is a clickable ortomap with the markers from 141/10 to 143/2 along the divided Czech - Polish road between the village(s) of Kopaczow and Oldrichov na Hranicich. If clicked outside the marker number a high-resolution ortomap will pop up. 

Border markers

Border marker 141/10 and in direction of IV/142 and 142/1. 

Border marker IV/142 was taken up and laying down, but probably about at its position. Photographed in direction of marker 141/10. All markers in this part and until marker 143a are indirect markers, which means that they are not put directly on the boundary, but close to it. From marker 142 and until 143 odd numbers (142/1, 142/3 etc) are put on Polish side while even numbers (142/2, 142/4 etc) are put on Czech side of the boundary. 

Border marker 142/1 photographed in direction of marker 142/2.

Border marker  IV/142 photographed from 142/1.

Border marker 142/2.

Border marker 142/3.

Border marker 142/4.

Border marker 142/5.

Border marker 142/6.

Border marker 142/7.

Border marker 142/8.

Old border crossing between Poland and Czechia.

Border marker 142-9 watched from north towards south.

Old Polish check-point close to the former border crossing. 

Border marker 142/9.

Border marker 142-10. 

Border marker 142/10 watched from south towards north. (Marker 142/9 is barely visible in front of the check-point.)

Towards marker 142/10 from a larger distance.

Border marker 142/11.

Border marker 142/12 in direction of marker 142/13.

Border marker 142/13.

Hans Peter photographs border marker 142/14b while Jesper, Peter are Udo were on their way further up the divided street on Polish side, while Steen chose the Czech side.

Border markers 142/14a (to left) and 142/14b (to right). Until these two markers the street is divided. Marker 14a is an indirect marker, while 14b is a direct marker. The short lenght between 14b and 143a is the last direct distance between two Czech - Polish border markers.

Border marker 142/14b.

Border marker 142/14a. 

Border marker IV/143a with marker 143b in the background.   This is the last Czech-Polish marker on dry land.  From this point the boundary runs in the middle of the Lubota or Oldrichovsky Brook.  (There is no marker IV/143.) 

Border marker 143b to left and 143/1 on the right side of the brook.

Border Maps

Overview of the divided village.

Detailed topographic map over the area.

Overview map.

Border map from marker 141/10 to 142/7 (clickable). 

Border map from marker 142/8 to 143/5 (clickable). 

The points were visited by the IBRG's April 2012 ENBE Expedition.

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