CZPL IV/145/16-IV/146/5
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Czechia - Poland Boundary Points IV/145/16 – IV/146/5 (Hradek n. Nisou, CZ / Porájow, PL)

The boundary at this border crossing runs along the river. To left middle marker IV/145/16 and to right border marker IV/146. Czechia is ahead.

border marker IV/146. 

Middle marker IV/146/1 is interesting and also typical for many of the Czech-Polish markers in this area. We can see their origin is pre-WW II as the D (Germany) tells they then were demarcating the Czechoslovakian - German border. When Poland was granted Germany east of the Oder-Neisse Line these markers were not replaced.

It seems like the D has been tried changed to a P, but eventually a P was painted over and inside the D. 

These markers go from the border crossing and west towards the CZDEPL tripoint. 

The points were visited by the IBRG's April 2012 ENBE Expedition.

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