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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Hotel Arbez in La Cure (CH-FR)

During our April 2013 CHEX13 Expedition visit at Hotel Arbez the restaurant was closed and we could not visit it.  Anyhow we have found some photos from the hotel Internet pages and other sources which help us to describe the boundary location inside the building.

Hotel Arbez Franco Suisse is run by the French registered company SARL Arbez Franco Suisse (established on 1 Nov 1993, Trade Register number [SIREN:] 393314398)  which according to its owner Mrs Bernice Salino pays equally amounts of taxes to both France and Switzerland. 2/3 of the restaurant is located in France and 1/3 in Switzerland. The entire pub (brasserie) is located in France. In the main building most hotel rooms are located in France, while all rooms in the annex are located in Switzerland. 

As we have seen from the outdoor photos the border appears to follow the walls between the rooms, and their windows.  This we also can see is the situation in the restaurant where there was made an arch between the French and the Swiss sides. The Swiss area makes about five metres from the boundary until the street wall, while the French restaurant side is about twice the size.  Photo: Hotel Arbez Franco-Suisse.

Another photo in better resolution of the same room. Since 2 January 2008 tobacco smoking was banned in French bars and restaurants. This resulted in that the Hotel Arbez restaurant was the first Swiss restaurant to apply the French law.  Photo: Hotel Arbez Franco-Suisse.

In August 2006 one of the two hotel owners, Mr Alexandre Peyron was interviewed on Swiss RTS TV sitting at the only hotel restaurant table which was supposed to be situated on the boundary. On this photo it actually appears that the table was in France, while Mr Peyron was sitting in Switzerland. Photo: Radio Télévision Suisse.

On the way to the 1st floor one meets according to the second owner,  Mrs Bernice Salino the boundary on the 7th step (from above).  During World War II the German soldiers in German-occupied France were not allowed to enter the first floor since they then had to pass the boundary into neutral Switzerland.  Therefore they could not arrest the French resistance who hid there. 

Peter Hering investigating the international borders at Hotel Arbez during the CHEX13 Expedition.

Mr Peyron was interviewed inside hotel room 6 with the name Les Frontières. Comparing this photo with the outdoor photo from border marker no 222A, it seems clear that this room hardly was divided by the boundary.   Photo: Radio Télévision Suisse.

Looking out of the window from room 6 we can see the boundary.  Photo: Radio Télévision Suisse.

Hotel Arbez room no 6, as well as room no 9 (above in the 2nd floor) seem to both be located solely in France.


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