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External photos
Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Byelorussia (BY) Russia (RU) Ukraine (UA) trifinium

The photo is taken from the border station on Byelorussian side, about 350 metres and towards the tripoint monument which actually is located on the tripoint and surrounded by a traffic circle. Russia is to left (border station located about 1 1/2 km away) and Ukraine to right (border station about 500 metres away). (Click the image to get a high resolution image.)

After crossing through entire Byelorussia this was as far I reached. As a Norwegian citizen I could enter Ukraine without a visa, but since I only had got a single entry Byelorussian visa, I could not return back. Since I had travel documents to a second country I was also allowed to enter the third country, Russia, at the monument, even if I did not have a valid Russian visa.  But, the border officials would not even let me walk to the tripoint while my passport was left at them. The only option out for me in this situation would be to go home to Vilnius via Ukraine and Poland, some extra 500 km. A pity when I was as close as only 350 metres away... Next time I'll get a muliple entry visa. (Visited in October 2006.)

Borderstation Veselovka on Byelorussian side. Passport check to the left of the boom barrier. Customs control and new passport control is located 50 metres further. Straight behind one can barely catch a glimpse of  the tripoint monument. (Click the image to get a high resolution image.)

Traffic sign on road P124 northbound and with telephone numbers to responsible commitee. (Click the image to get a high resolution image.)

Gomel road diagram map. (Click the image to get a high resolution image.)

As the map shows three roads from all three countries meet exactly at the tripoint. The Russian road was when we visited the area under reconstruction. There is a Ukrainan border station about 650 metres from the tripoint. (Click the image to get a high resolution image.)


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