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BYLT Fence Ends
Medininkai Border Crossing

Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Byelorussia (BY) - Lithuania (LT) Border Fence

The three members from Denmark of IBRG's GBBE expedition: From left Mr. Peter Hering, Mr. Jesper Nielsen and Mr. Hans Peter Nissen are studying the newly erected boundary fence at the Byelorussian-Lithuanian border at Dailides near the village of Dieveniskes. At this point the Lithuanian highway no. 104 is running only 5 metres from the boundary.

Installation of a new, light-constructed, open-spaced and two-meters high security fence will be finished November 2003 in some strips of the 653 kilometer long Lithuanian-Byelorussian border. According to the Lithuanian daily "Respublika", specialist analysis showed that a high increase of security is needed in all border control posts, for example Raigardas, Medininkai and Vaivoriskes.

Currently border security is controlled by cordon mobile teams and pedestrian patrols. Ofiicers' work is eased by helicopters and special termovision watch system.

The Lithuanian border with Byelorussia as well as her border with Russia are treated as future outer European Union borders. Improvement of its security and control receives largest investments and border patrol human resources from the European Union, the agency Baltic News Service reported on 19 July 2003.

This article was written Summer 2003. Lithuania joined the EU at 1 May 2004.

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