BYLV bridge
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The international Byelorussian - Latvian bridge at the BYLVRU trifinium

At the BYLVRU trifinium there are two small similar bridges leading to Latvian territory, one from Russia and one from Byelorussia. From 1959 and until 1991 visitors from all three Soviet republics were meeting here for song and music festivals, and the Soviet trifinium was during these years an about 4 metres high built-up hill. 
Nowadays the Latvians are arranging festivals mostly alone. If their friends from the other sides of the River Zilupe would like to join them these visitors would need to pass over at the ordinary border crossings - from Russia 30 km (Burocki) and from Byelorussia 79 km (Hryhorauscyna) to the trifinium.
Only border officials are therefore using these two bridges.


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