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BYLV bridge
LV BP No. 001
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Friendship Hill

Byelorussia (BY) - Latvia (LV) - Russia (RU) trifinium

The trifinium is located in a river junction at 56 10' 12"N  28 09' 04"E. (Technically this trifinium is not yet official as the Russian side has not yet ratified the border treaty.) The Byelorussian-Latvian border treaty is from about 1998. The IBRG's GBBE expedition got in July 2003 an interesting guiding in this area by Senior Lieutenant Anatolijs Harcenko from Skaune Cordon.

The trifinium watched from north towards south. Russia is on the other side of the stream on left, Byelorussia on the other side of the stream on right, while GBBE members Jesper Nielsen and Hans Peter Nissen, as well as the photographer all are standing in Latvia.

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