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One enclave in Azerbaijan around the village of Artchvađen,
which (according to Wikipedia) has been controlled by Azerbaijan since its capture during the Nagorno-Karabakh War in 1992.

CIA -- The World Factbook 2000 -- Armenia
Official Armenian map (from at March 2010) showing the exclave on the map.
The Armenian exclave of Artchvađen is surrounded by Azerbaijani territory. Air distance south - north is about 9 km, and west - east is about 6,4 km.

Scanned from «Atlas avtomobil'nikh dorog», 1999, page 147.

 The ortomap boundaries are more or less correct.  Air distance from Armenia proper to the closest enclave borderpoint is about 3,3 km.

About same area as on the ortomap above, but this is Soviet topomap. I have no information on any boundary correction in this area. (Click on the image to get up a high resolution map.)

Azerbaijani topomap which tells us that this country still accepts Armenia's claim on the enclave. (Source: Fiziki Xerite, 1:3.150.000, Dövlet Torpaq ve Zeritecekme Komitesinin, Baki Kartografiya Fabriki 2005-ci il, from in March 2010.)

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