Sankova Medvezhe
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300° view
Areal photo
Санькова-медвежье San'kova-Medvezh'e 
(Russian exclave in Belarus)
This photo to right is taken from the northern edge of the exclave towards south.

The about 454 hectars (4.5 km˛) big Russian exclave village of San'kova-Medvezh'e is situated east of the Byelorussian city of Homel, north of the M10 highway, 5 km from the Russian village of Dobrodjevka.

Due to the explosion in the nuclear power plant in Černobyl in 1986 this area is polluted and abandoned.

Scanned from «Atlas avtomobil'nikh dorog», 1999, pages 36-37

The exclave was visited by us in October 2006.  We did not find any border markers, but it was easy to determine the actual borderline.


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