Queen Louise Bridge
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Queen Louise Bridge (LTRU)

Queen Louise's Bridge between Panemune (LT) and Sovetsk (RU) [former German city of Tilsit]. Photographed from Russian side.

Lithuania and Russia is at Panemune (LT) and Sovetsk (RU) connected by the Queen Louise's Bridge over Nemunas River.

The bridge is named after the Prussian Queen who in 1807 brokered a peace between Napoleon, Czar Alexander I and Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III, on a raft on the river Memel. It is probably the best-known landmark of modern Tilsit or Sovetsk.

At this boundary Russia has changed side. Until 1918-1920 Russia was on the northern side, but after the end of World War II she appeared on the southern side. At that time Lithuania was occupied and became officially a Soviet republic.


1917: Russia occupied the territory north of the Nemunas river, excluding the socalled Memel area («Memel-gebiet») in the southern part. Germany's East Prussia was located south of the Nemunas River. In 1923, few years after her independence, Lithuania took over the Memel area and kept it until 1939. In this German map we can see the names of «Taurogen», «Tilsit» and «Ragnit».

Map: Ostpreussen, 1:1.000:000, 1917.

1938: Lithuania has still control over the city of Klaipeda (Memel) and its territory. The German city names of «Taurogen», «Tilsit» and «Ragnit» are on this Lithuanian map «Taurage», «Tilze» and «Ragaine», as also Lithuanians translate the names of cities. 

Map: P. Đinkunas (red.): Lietuvos zemelapis, 1:1.250.000, Geografijos atlasas, Spaudos fondas, 1938.

2003: After Lithuania's independence in 1990 Russia found herself on the southern part of the border. In 1923 Queen Louise's Bridge separated Lithuania and Germany. Now one finds the border between Lithuania and Russia there. 
The cities «Taurage», «Tilze» and «Ragaine» are now called «Taurage», «Sovetsk» and «Neman»

Map image: Lietuva 1:500.000 (98/99), Jana seta Publishers & Printers, Ltd., Riga.

Source: Northeast Prussia 2000 – Tilsit/Sovetsk by Mr. Joost Lemmens, http://www.euronet.nl/~jlemmens/tilsit.html

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