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According to The Encyclopedia of International Boundaries there is one enclave within the Omani Madha enclave, named Nahwa, belonging to the Emirate of Sharjah. (See Oman.)

According to a Madha shopkeeper - a Malabari, in Nov. 2002 the tiny Sharjah exclave of Nahwa is about 8 kms on a dirt track towards the west from the town of New Madha. It consisted of around 40 houses with its own clinic, telephone exchange. The shopkeeper also said that Omani territory is fairly undeveloped and empty, whereas Nahwa has some development on it. (Boundary Point.)


Al Nahwa

By Bertil Lindén (text and photos, January 2007)

If you continue the road west of New Madha (see New Madha satellite pic lower left) you will drive through several Omani villages on your way to the UAE enclave of Al Nahwa, situated 8 km from New Madha. The enclave is very small and has two settlements (see Al Nahwa satellite pic upper right and lower left). 


There is a sign confirming that you have reached Al Nahwa ...




The first building on your right is a very modern police station which apparently sees to legal matters in this tiny out-post.  


Al Nahwa is majestically situated between mountains and is clearly a wealthy settlement with new and modern buildings.


 There is a mosque in the middle surrounded by some quiet streets ...


... and a residential area.


More residential areas.


Continuing to the second settlement you will notice that the paved road turns into a dirt road, and that it is much poorer. Continuing further still, you will need a 4WD vehicle on the badly maintained road.  


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