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The village of Jungholz, south of the city of Kempten, Germany, is only connected to the rest of Austria at a single land point (on a mountain peak) and is to be considered as an enclave and exclave as it is not possible to walk from Jungholz to the rest of Austria without entering Germany, even if Jungholz is connected to Austria. 

In order to enter Jungholz by car it is not at all necessary to touch the village of Wertach as it may look out from big-scale maps. One can just as well go there via Sonthofen. In fact the shortest road connection from the Austrian mainland to Jungholz does not lead through any considerable settlements in Germany.

«The boundary cross at Jungholz»: http://jungholz.enclaves.org/

«Jungholz - RiS-Kommunal» (German): http://www.jungholz.tirol.gv.at/ 


Jungholz marker 110
The top of Sorgschrofen mountain, where Jungholz is linked to the mainland of Austria by one single point on boundary marker 110 (to the right on the photo).
Photo: Mats
Jungholz marker 110 Close Up
Boundary marker 110 (picture) is one of two European bi-national quadripoints. It is painted on a rock. The second quadripoint is in Baarle.
Photo: Mats
Jungholz marker 36
This is the second boundary marker on the mountain of Sorgschrofen, boundary  marker 36.
Photo: Mats

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