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Dhekelia Power Station
EAC Settlement


Ormidhia is the biggest Cypriot enclave-exclave inside United Kingdom's Dhekelia Sovereign Base Area.

The two Cypriot villages of Ormidhia and Xylotimbou are each surrounded by territory that belongs to the British Sovereign Base Area of Dhekelia. There are also two more Cypriot territories in the British Sovereign Base Area of Dhekelia, the Dhekelia Power Station and the the

These enclaves were visited and photographed in December 2011.

Name of enclave

Size (ha) Population
Ormidhia 169,4 5000 (2011)
Xylotimbou  94,7 3593 (2010)
EAC Refugee Settlement 28,0 700 (2012)
Dhekelia Power Station 16,1 0

According to the 2003 Annan Plan for Cyprus large parts of both the Western SBA and the Eastern SBA would be ceded to the Greek-Cypriot Constituent State (GCCS) and the Turkish-Cypriot Constituent State (TCCS). On this image we see major parts of UK Dhekelia, including those which surround the exclave-enclaves of Xylotimbou and Ormidhia were planned to be ceeded over to Cyprus; parts which de facto are used by Cypriots today. The present main part of the Greek-Cypriot side would united with the eastern Famagusta (Paralimni) region. After demarcation only the two exclaves at Dhekelia Power Station would be left and a new corridor road between Dhekelia Garrison and the southeastern Mantres tou Xenou area at Cape Pyla would appear. A similar corridor excists today between the main Dhekelia SBA part and the northeastern Ayios Nikolaos Station area. This corridor is now 13 km, but after the Annan Plan it would be almost twice as long. 1, 2)


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2. Annan Plan for Cyprus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annan_Plan_for_Cyprus



Dhekelia Power Station


Dhekelia Garrison


Jesper Nielsen's Boundaries of Cyprus (2003 Report)



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