Vistytis 2012
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Visit to Lithuanian Vištytis 2012  (under construction)


From Lithuanian side of Vištytis towards east. The photo is taken from about new boundary line.  The two closest houses were until 2003 on Russian side of the administration line. 


Photo towards north. To left the Russian fence around its lake radar station.  The low wooden and grey pole close to the photographer marks the point where a Lithuanian-Russian border marker is to be put. It will be a single-marker of Lithuanian-Latvian or Lithuanian-Polish type where the side facing Russian side will carry the Lithuanian insignia and visa versa.

Photographed from the point of the coming border marker and towards south.  The two signs at the road warn about border line. In the lake we can see a new yellow border buoy.

About 100 metres towards east was the former Lithuanian - German boundary line, which later became the administration line between the Soviet occupied Lithuania and from 1990-91 the administration line between Lithuania and Russia.  At the point where the stone lays stood until the 1940s the German - Lithuanian border marker no. 147. (Photo towards north.)

Direction from DELT border marker no 147 and towards southeast.

Vištytis Border Station in the 1930s.  Mr. I. Kymantas in the middle.   Photo: Lithuanian Customs Museum.

Former Vištytis Border Station photographed in 2012. 

Upon opening Vištytis crossing point once in the 1930s the Germans hurried to do their shopping.  View towards west.  Photo: Lithuanian Customs Museum.

Similar view as above photographed in 2012.  The building to right (The old German Customs Station) still stands, but the house in the middle of the photo is new-built or reconstructed after the war.

The old Vištytis Police Station and the two houses which earlier were on Russian soil, but are now inside Lithuania.


New Lithuanian - Russian lake border buoy no. 23 - V.  There are 23 such buoys numbered from the southern lake bank and towards the northern side. (B is cyrillic and means "V" (Vištytis).  

Along with the yellow border buoys are red buoys marking the beginning of the Lithuanian Border Protection Zone which goes 50 metres long the border inside on the Lithuanian part of the lake. It is forbidden for people to enter this zone.  

To left is a red Lithuanian Border Protection Zone buoy and to right a yellow border marker buoy.

Lithuanian-registered boat in Vištytis harbour. 

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