Vistytis 2003 Swap
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Lithuanian-Russian 2003 Border Treaty and Land Swap

The entire Vištytis Lake makes according to our calculations about 1749,3 ha. Before 2003 Lithuania's share was only about 40 ha (2,2 %), but from the new border treaty was effective, the Lithuanian part increased to about 383 ha (about 22 %).  In short Lithuania gave up 30 hectares dry land in order to get about 343 hectares bigger lake territory from Russia.   The size of Lithuania increased therefore with about 31,3 km˛.  Anyway the larger population around the lake is on Lithuanian side.  The Lithuanian - Russian boundary north of Vištytis town shall according to our information be the same as the administration line previous to the 2003 treaty.  

Areas in hectares Before Border Treaty After Border Treaty
Western part of Darius ir Gireno gatve (dry land)  0 2
Lithuanian lake territory 40 383
West of Pakalnie (dry land) 0,8 0
Southern Vištytis (dry land) 31 0
Total 71,8 385

We calculated the entire Lake Vistytis area by Ozi Explorer and got result that it makes about 1749,3 ha.  Line "A" is the Lithuanian-Russian lake boundary before the 2003 border treaty; line "B" is the new Lithuanian-Russian lake boundary after the treaty while line "C" was Lithuania's position during the negotiations with the Russian side. 

Before the border treaty the Lithuanian part of the lake was only a very narrow part south of the city centre, making about 38 ha., calculated with calculator. 

By calculating the area of the map with Ozi Explorer we got an old Lithuanian lake territory of 45 ha.  Note that the coastline is slightly different compared with the upper map. 

According to the calculator the total Lithuanian part makes only 376,76 ha.

Calculating the area of the map with Ozi Explorer we got an present Lithuanian lake territory of 383 ha.  The total lake boundary lenght is about 8944 metres. North and east of the boundary there is a 50 metres wide Lithuanian Border Protection Zone, which totally makes about 45 ha and where the public is not allowed. The most narrow points of the southeastern part of the Lithuanian part of the lake are only 105-110 metres wide. Boats should therefore keep close to land while passing these headlands. The Border Protection Zone is marked with red buoys, while the boundary is marked with yellow buoys. 

Here is the old Soviet map between the Russian Federation and the occupied Lithuania  (in grey) with an overlay of the new boundary between Lithuania and Russia (coloured). We can see that the territory of Lithuania has moved east and therefore is smaller.

The northernmost tiny territory south of the lake is less than 1 ha.

The southernmost area is about 31 ha along about 2/3 of the southern part of the border south of the lake. The biggest width is about 188 metres.

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