Vistytis 2004
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Visit to Vištytis 2004 – After the Boundary Regulation

After the border adjustment on 1 Feb 2004 the boundary was moved about 80 m towards west. The fence is located on Russian side of the boundary. When the Russian soldiers left they told the locals never to pass the electricity pole in order not to penetrate the boundary. The small yellow sign between the pole and the fence is a temporary Lithuanian border sign.

Temporary border sign in the middle. The orchard of the families in no 5, Dariaus ir Gireno street is barely inside the Lithuania boundary, but if might trouble a vista.

Traffic sign with "Lietuvos Respublika" (Republic of Lithuania) is to be risen, despite that the road will remain completely blocked on Russian side. The dwelling is no 5, Dariaus ir Gireno street. 

Number 5, Dariaus ir Gireno street is now no 22 as the streeet is renumbered counting from the opposite side.

Two families were living in number 5. Mr and Mrs Labačiauskai and Mr and Mrs Žukauskai.

Most of the new area. The two houses at left side of the photo were on Russian side and are now inside Lithuania. In the middle with red brick roof is former no 7, Dariaus ir Gireno street (now no 20) where Mr and Mrs Mackevičiai were living.  The grey house in the middle of the photo is the old Lithuanian hospital building – present police and borderguard (which always was on Lithuanian side), now no 18, Dariaus ir Gireno street.


Pre-WWII border passing point between Germany and Lithuania. Is it the left house the same as former no 7, Dariaus ir Gireno street?

Source: Kornberg - Ostpreußen by herrn Ewald Beyer

The Russian border control boot is being taken down, while the Lithuanian green still stands just inside the "old" Lithuanian side of the border. It was standing on the opposite side of the street from no 7.


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