Vistytis 2002
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Visit to Vištytis 2002 – before the boundary regulation

Three Lithuanian farms were located on Russian side. This is one of them. After Russian ratification two of them was transferred to Lithuania. The administration line was penetrating the land approximately on the middle of this photo (from left towards right).

Behind the barrier is the Russian border post. On the right are the two farmsteads inhabited by three Lithuanian families.

Before 1991 the end of this street belonged to the rest of the town of Vistytis as the Soviet republic boundary had little or no significance.

Foto: Karolis Butkevicius.

Together with me on this year's expedition was the head of Girenai border cordon, Mr. Kostas Kezenis.

The same was also Mr. Karolis Butkevicius.

Here they are looking towards the farmsteads hidden behind the trees.

Seen from south are the two farmsteads slightly hidden by the trees. The Russian border post had full control with all visitors from Lithuanian side.

The lake watched from north. On the right is a temporary Lithuanian sign warning "Stop - state border" at the former administration line (which actually was no "state border").

This was the former administration line until the ratification in the Duma (Russian parliament) took place in May 2003 and eventually the border treaty was effective.

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