Italy (I)–Vatican (SCV)
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Italy - Vatican

The borderline is the white stone circular line where the granite pillars and chains are located.  The wood barricades where I am standing on this photo (wearing a cap, standing towards the camera) are for traffic purposes and to funnel people to entry gates, and is situated some ten metres from the border, inside the Vatican state.
The actual border follows the outside of the columns and in a more circular fashion (see below).

The Vatican border is the World's shortest  entire boundary, only 3,2 km. (Click «World Records» above for more records.)

The border in the zone of Piazza San Pietro is a white stone strip - not the one we see on the photo above, because we(the blue point on the map).

The border runs, instead, between the two external arms like the map of the Lateran Treaty signed in 1929


Acknowledgement: Mr. Timothy Dallen and Mr. Tullio Aebischer.

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