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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Rundhaugen (NO/SE)

A Norwegian dry quadripoint.

In the Norwegian county of Nord-Trøndelag the meeting point of the municipalities of Namsskogan, Røyrvik, Lierne and Grong is making one of the few dry 4-point among the Norwegian kingdom's 434 municipalities.

The point is the mountain peak of Rundhaugen, 744 msl., located in the Langløyftfjella area.

Nord-Trøndelag is located a few hundred kilometres north of Trondheim, Norway's third most populated city.

Image: © Statens Kartverk 2003.

Earlier it used to be a 6-point as also Snåsa municipality met with the others at the same point. Later Grong municipality took over some of Snåsa's territory and the borders changed.

In 1964 the municipalities of Harran and Grong merged. 

According to correspondence with Snåsa municipality in 1939 the boundary between Snåsa and Grong was changed due to discussion about compulsory school attendance in the valley of Sanddøldalen. 

The Swedish part of the road between Kvelia and Tunnsjøen in Nordli was prior to early Sunday morning at 5:00 on the 3rd of September 1967 the only right-hand driven road in Sweden as it was only connected to Norwegian roads.

Image: Major Axel Printz, Post-, Vei- og Fylkeskarter, Poståpnernes Landsforbund, 1960


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