Miño Place Names
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Place name spellings
A few notes on place names spellings. In this region the languages are Portuguese (south of the river), and Galician and Spanish (Castilian) (both north of the river, in Galicia).
The Galician language is written in a few different norms according to the taste or ideals of the writer: closer to Portuguese (sometimes plain Portuguese norm) or closer to Spanish. As a variant of the former common Galician-Portuguese language, it is more logical or appropriate to use an orthographic norm closer to Portuguese. However, the official norm, decreed by the Xunta de Galicia (Galician Autonomous Government), is not the most logical. The Xunta has been always ruled by the Spanish Popular Party (right wing) that opposes everything that may seem to go against the "unity" of the Spanish State. The Bloque Nacionalista Galego (Galician Nationalist Block, left-wing) is nowadays the second party in Galicia.
Castilian (Spanish) and Galician are both official languages in the Autonomous Region, but, according to the law, only the Galician versions of the place  names are now official. This is not always followed and therefore you may find a lot of Spanish versions of the Galician placenames (or documents or maps issued before the law, in the 1980's I guess).

So, here you have some versions of the place names in the area of the lower Minho River (in this order:
Official Galician Other Galician or Portuguese  Castilian Spanish English
Galicia Galiza Galicia Galicia
Río Miño Rio Minho Río Miño Miño or Minho River
illa  ilha isla island
Tui Tui Tuy ?
Salvaterra de Miño Salvaterra do Minho Salvatierra de Miño ?
A Guarda (A Garda, A Guardia) A Guarda La Guardia ?
A Insua Ínsua ? ?
Sta. (Santa) Tegra Sta. Tecla ? ?
Rías Baixas Rias Baixas Rías Bajas ?
Xunta de Galicia Junta da Galiza Junta de Galicia Galician Government

Text by Francisco Santos.

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