LTPLRU (2010)
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Trifinia Lithuania Poland Russia (LTPLRU)

In the middle of June 2010 a new trifinia column was risen at LTPLRU. Here from Lithuanian side. The coat of arms of each country is facing its homeland. Lithuanian sector is between the two white horizontal stripes. Left stripe is border Poland (left) Lithuania and right stripe is border Lithuania - Russia (right). (Click on the image to get up a high resolution photo.)

Border LTPL (Poland to left, Lithuania to right).

The column from Polish side with the coat of arms of Poland. Russia back to left, Lithuania back to right (see red border stripes).

The Polish coat of arm enlarged.

Border Russia - Poland (Russia to left, Poland to right). Notice LTPL (upper ground stripe), LTRU (in the middle on ground) and PLRU in front of the column). This is the coat of arm of the Russian Federation.

Boundary Lithuania - Russia.  Lithuania to left, Russia to right.

Lithuanian and Russian coats of arms on the column. The line between them is the boundary.

Short Lithuanian film about the tripoint from August 2011.


Pracownia Architektoniczna's Trifinia Project of LTPLRU (Polish language only) (2009): Znak Geodezyjny - Znak Graniczny "Wisztyniec"

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