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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Point LTLV-1507 (Mateikiškė, LT / Grendze, LV)


The de facto tripoint boundary between Latvia, Lithuania and Poland was previous to World War II most likely located at a point somewhere covered on this photo, probably near the border marker in the middle of this photo. (Click on the photo to get up a high resolution image.)

Position: 55° 42' 40" N  26° 24' 28" E

The boundary marker is indirect Lithuanian marker no. 1507, put 12.1 m from the borderline in the middle of the Vilenka river. 

View towards south.  The Lithuanian - Polish administration line went north-south approximately in the middle of this photo. 

The text from a pre-WWII journal (translated from Polish): At the confluence of the borders of Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. Photo shows the IV Męska Krakowska Drużyna Harcerska/IV Men's Cracow's Scout Team on the borders of the three states.  Due to Lithuania's theory being in "war with Poland" the Polish-Lithuanian border is not demarcated in detail. Therefore we see the boundary line marked by straw sticks. You can in the picture see a characteristic sign of borderlands.  The officer standing next to the scouts of the Border Protection Corps (KOP) soldiers is wearing a characteristic circular cap, worn only by the KOP. (Source: Boguslaw Tomaszewski.) 

A concrete pole found west of the boundary marker, near the river.  Appeared too new to could origin from before the war.

The northernmost crossing-point at the former Lithuanian-Polish administration line was located about 50 metres ahead at the road to the right, located about 300 m south of border marker 1507.  (The road to left leads to a nearby farm.)

This was how the most likely actual line looked like in July 2012.

The line watched from the road towards north.

A high-voltage power line was going north-south 300 metres east of the former administration line.

The Vilenka river. 

Border marker no. 1507 watched from south west.

The marker watched from west towards east. We can barely see the side turned towards Latvia.

The southern side.

The marker watched from east.

The border map.

This is a compilation of several maps indicating exactly where the former administration line went.  Source: Bogusław Tomaszewski. 

A larger section of the 1932 Polish map. The border area seems to be based upon the Latvian 1924 survey of the area.

According to this Latvian 1:25.000 military map from 1928 the tripoint should be located about 85 m west of bm 1507.  The easternmost Latvian-Lithuanian border marker from before WWII was according to this map placed about 175 m west of the present bm 1507.

Above is an animation of an orthomap together with the Latvian 1928 map.

The points were visited in July 2012.

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