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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0521 – 0522 (Buknaičiai, LT / Ezere, LV)


This border bridge is located 19 km north of the Lithuanian city of Mažeikiai and a few hundred metres south of the Latvian town of Ezere. On the middle of the bridge over River Vadakstis (Lithuanian form) or Vadakste (Latvian form), one of the longest Latvian-Lithuanian border rivers, the Latvian road P105 meets with the Lithuanian road 163. Indirect boundary markers 0521 (left) and 0522 (right) are on each side of the bridge. Photographed towards north and the Latvian side. This boundary is unusual since the bridge boundary differs from the river boundary.  This boundary point has an unusual feature as an about 37 m˛ area on the bridge is Latvian territory while the river territory straight below is Lithuanian territory.

Position: 56° 24' 01"N  22° 21' 03"E. 

Towards the Latvian side.  Lithuanian indirect markers 0521 to left and 0522 to right. 

Latvian side and markers 0521 to left and 0522 to right.

A Norwegian registered car was stopped on Latvian side by Latvian customs.

Lithuanian markers 0522 (to left) and 0521 (to right). Photographed towards south.

The bridge photographed from Latvian side and towards the Lithuanian side.

The indirect Lithuanian marker no 0523 east of the bridge at Vadakstis/Vadakste River.

View from the bridge towards east. Latvia to left and Lithuania to right.

View towards west.  A fisherman on the Lithuanian bank side.  The grass was much greener on the Latvian side. 

According to the Latvian version of the Border Treaty the boundary on the bridge goes 90° with the bridge sides, but between 0521
and 0522 the border [below the bridge] runs in the middle of River Vadakste / Vadakste. 1)

On this orthomap (north is up) we see the situation clearer as the angle is bigger as on the Treaty sketch.  An area of about 37 m˛ on the bridge is Latvian territory while the river territory straight below is Lithuanian.

Orthomap towards west. (Lithuania to left and Latvia to right.)  The width of the river is about 23 metres. The lenght of the bridge is about 70 m.

The point was visited in October 2012.

Sources and links

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