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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0443 – 0444
                                             (Lūšiės tvenkinys, LT / Lošu dzimavas, LV)


Boundary marker 0443 (to right) and marker 0444 (to left). Photographed towards south and Lithuania. The markers are located on the middle of a dam which was constructed during the Soviet occupation. Therefore, compared with the 1927 border agreement, the boundary line west of the markers were adjusted in 1995.  

Position: 56° 25' 52"N 22° 08' 00"E.


In the beginning of January 2008 the border closed at this point and locked by a gate, but was at our visit again open. Before WW II it was a crossing point here. It is possible for pedestrians to cross here, but on Lithuanian side the road was a bit overgrown by vegetation. 


Photographed towards north and Latvia. Most of the coats-of-arms and all border pole numbers were removed, probably by vandals. 


The old border line (approximately plotted in red) followed the midline of the river. 


The new border (in yellow) runs approximately in the middle of the dam. The boundary is mostly adjusted in the eastern part of the dam. Further west we found only smaller corrections. 

The two border markers photographed towards southeast.   

Overview photo. River Kūlupė can only barely be seen in the left part of the photo. 


Border map of 2015. The border runs basically along the 1927 border but was adjusted since it after WW II was constructed a dam here. The old border line is now partly on the southern bank of the dam. River Kūlupe was also regulated, and the border is adjusted so it follows the midline of the river. (Source: LGIA)


Compared with the pre-war border (in red), the present border (in black) differs up to 40 metres (west of the dam). The pre-war border marker no. 98 was not located at any of the new border marker locations. In the dam Lithuania seems to have gained about 6,3 hectares while Latvia appears to have taken over 4,53 hectares. Also at Kulupe it might look that Lithuania has achieved some smaller area. In this area Lithuania might net have taken over about 2 hectares from Latvia. 


1927 border map fragment. The border run in the middle of the Rivers of Kulupe and Loše.1

Another detailed drawing from the 1927 Border Treaty regarding the turning point between River Loše and River Kulupe.  

The point was visited in April 2015.

Sources and links

  1. 1927 Border Treaty, page 260.

  2. Border picture from Panoramio by Algirts.

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