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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Finnish – Norwegian Border Marker 295B

Here my daughter Severia and I are on the top of Finnish – Norwegian border marker no. 295B. Both of us have one foot in each country. The marker is next to European highway E8 between Kilpisjärvi (FI) and Skibotn (NO). These photos are taken in July 2004. Norway is to left and Finland to right. The position of this marker is 69° 07' 05.90" N 20° 44' 41.35" E. Altitude is 529.09 metres above sea level.


The marker was put up in 1950 while Haakon VII was king of Norway. This point is also an outer European Union border as Norway is an independent country.
On the other side one simply reads "Suomi 1950". Suomi is the Finnish name of Finland.

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