Valle Onsernone (CH-I)
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Valle Onsernone (CH-I)

On almost 1000 metres above sea level, in valley of Valle Onsernone I found this border marker which is without any number. Anyway I suppose it must be the Italian-Swiss marker no. 19. The "marker" is in fact a huge and flat rock. (Visited in July 2006.)

R.I. and C probably means Repubblica Italiana (Republic of Italia) and Craveggia, while C.S. and O most likely refers to Confoederatio Helvetica (Swiss Confederation) and Onsernone.

On this photo I am standing on the border marker. In the background is an Italian information stand.

The border seems not to change direction at this marker. Anyway the boundary shall follow the river further south.

This part of river Rio dei Bagni is a popular resort point for the people from the Locarno area. We were told there is hot springs below an arch at the ruins from where this photograph is taken, but unfortunately I did not find any.

Next to the flag and name of the country the Italians asked not to set fire on their forest.

Which means - "Prohibited to ignite fires and to abandon garbage".

Click on the photo to watch it it big formate

Map of Valle Onsernone showing the border marker no 19 next to the river. Unfortunately it was no time to look for marker no 19A further down the river. I think there is a staircase from the road (at the Swiss side) down to the area next to this marker. (Map: Carta nazionale della Svizzera 1:25000, foglio 1311 Comologno.)

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