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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Byelorussia (BY) - Latvia (LV) - Lithuania (LT)

Byelorussia is meeting neighboring Latvia and Lithuania at a tripoint situated northeast of the Lithuanian city of Visaginas..

The Byelorussian - Latvian - Lithuanian Tripoint

I visited this tripoint on August 19th 2001, named Liudevinova (BY), Ludvinova (LV) and Liudvinavas (LT) after a small lake on Byelorussian side. The boundary markers are situated on a 6 x 6 meters framed square. Visitors from any country are entitled to enter this «neutral territory» without any formalities. The Latvian boundary is running virtually straight west - east, while the Lithuanian and Byelorussian markers are put in approximately 45° as these two boundaries are changing directions at the tripoint. All markers are made from concrete.  My right foot is in Latvia and my left foot is on the Lithuanian - Byelorussia boundary!

The tripoint platform from Lithuanian side. While the Baltic border marker feet both are round shaped, the Slavic marker's foot is square. 

Now from Byelorussian side.

Here from Latvian side. In the background Lithuanian border police who kindly escorted us to the point.

The Byelorussian - Lithuanian vista photographed from Latvian side.

Now the Byelorussian - Latvian vista.

Eventually the Latvian - Lihuanian vista, photographed from Byelorussia.

We were escorted by this officer from the Lithuanian Border Police. Not far away from the BYLTPL we observed this trafic sign telling that the distances to Latvia and Byelorussia are both 2,5 km – in opposite direction!

Tripoint platform plan. Approximate distances only.

Photographed with permission from the State Border Guard Service at the ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.



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