Nofels (A)–Ruggell (LI)


Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Austria – Liechtenstein border station at Ruggell (LI) and Nofels (A)

Grenzübergangsstelle (Border passing point) at Nofels.

I am entering Liechtenstein for the first time at Ruggell, the northernmost settlement of the principality.
Bordermarker (?) 96 on the bridge fence towards west. Liechtenstein (FL) towards south and Austria (Ö) towards north.
Bordermarker (?) 95/1 on the bridge fence towards east. Austria (Ö) towards north and Liechtenstein (FL) towards south.
Borderline between Austria and Liechtenstein pictured towards the east. The line seems to follow the ditch.
Liechtenstein has a customs union with Switzerland which carries out her customs service. This sign reads "Swiss Custom Office Ruggell in the Principality of Liechtenstein". Also the passport control is carried out by Swiss officials, but the Liechtenstein stamp itself is differing from the Swiss passport stamps.

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