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Lithuania is at present covering 65 303 km˛.

The geographical centre of Lithuania is situated approximately 6.7 km northwest of the town of Kedainiai, at 
E. Elevation: 55 metres a.s.l.

The geographical centre of Lithuania The stone marking the geographical centre The centre is situated appr. 1 km from the main road

Corners of Lithuania
Northern position: 56°
N (at Nemunelis river's turn, Rumbai village, Birzai district).

Southern position: 53°53'48,552"N 24°21'07,308"E.  7 km south of the former village of Ustrone farmstead, Musteika village, Varena district at BYLT border marker 208. Until the ratification of the new BYLT boundary of 1996 this point was located inside the territory of Byelorussia.
Sourthern most point in LIthuania Me on the southermost spot in Lithuania

Western position: 20° 56' W (on the southwestern corner of Neringa, at the Baltic sea).

Eastern position: 55°17'08,448"N 26°50'07,8"E (at Dysna river's turn at Vosiunai village, Ignalina district at BYLT temporary border marker 063
Me on the easternmost point of Lithuania

Largest distance
West - East: 373 km
North - South: 276 km

Highest point: Juozapine hill - 293.6 meters a.s.l. 
54°31'51,9"N  25°37'40,3"E.

My daughter Severia (8) at the highest point of Lithuania, Juozapines hill. «Geodezinis zenklas saugomas valstybes» (Geodesic sign protected by the state.) Lithuania's highest point is located at the town of Medininkai, only 2-3 km from Byelorussian border.

Boundary, km


without sea border:   1702
including sea border:   1731


with Russia (Kaliningrad area):   290
with Byelorussia:   653,5
with Latvia:   610,3
with Poland:   103,7


Length at Baltic sea shore:   90
Lithuanian - Latvian territorial sea limit:   222
Lithuanian - Russian territorial sea limit:   222
Lithuanian outer territorial sea limit:   75

1. The length of the land boundaries are temporary only, as the demarkation still is not finished.
2. 22 km = 12 nautical miles.

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