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One exclave surrounded by Uzbek territory. Not found on any map, but reffered to in several official papers.

«Barak ail of Kara-Su district of Kyrgyzstan is an exclave completely surrounded by Uzbek territory. It is settled by 627 citizens, all of them are Kyrgyz people.
In order to go to Barak, you must pass the four kilometre zone of the Uzbek land: here the old way is situated, but near the Uzbek border this way is dug up so, that nobody can pass. After 250 meters travellers are “hospitably” met by the Uzbek armed frontier guard.» Jumagulov Sultan, Kyrgyz departament of BBC.

«There exists a tiny Kyrgyz village, Barak, in the Fergana Valley region where Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan meet. The village is surrounded by Uzbek territory and located between the cities of Margilan and Fergana» (Palmberg.)

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The village of Barak is located on 40°40' N 72° 46' E. It is no geographical exclave, but is surrounded by Uzbekistan in south, west and north. The use of the term "exclave" may have been a misunderstanding due to its location, relatively far from other Kyrgyz villages in the region.

Another possibility is that it is referred to an ethnic exclave. Anyway as it in January 2012 still has not been found on any map it is not likely this exclave still is alive.

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