Isla Martin Garcia
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Isla Martin Garcia

The location of the Argentine island is marked with a red ellipse.

Argentine island exclave surrounded by Uruguayan territory.

An agreement reached by Argentina and Uruguay in 1973 reaffirmed Argentine jurisdiction over Martín García (which is actually on the Uruguayan side of the boundary), ending a century-old dispute between the two countries over the island. 

According to the terms of the agreement, Martín García was to be devoted exclusively to a natural preserve.

The island's area is about 2 km², and its population is about 200 persons.


Unofficial translation:

The Treaty of Rio de la Plata and its Maritime Front


ARTICLE 44. The existing islands or in the future emerge in the river, belong to one or another party according to whether one or the other side of the line indicated in Article 41., Except as set forth for Isla Martin Garcia Article 45.

ARTICLE 45. Martin Garcia Island is a nature reserve intended exclusively for the conservation and preservation of native flora and fauna, under the jurisdiction of Argentina, subject to the provisions of Article 63.

ARTICLE 46. If Martin Garcia Island in the future to join another island, the corresponding limit will be drawn following the outline of the Martin Garcia Island resulting from the letter H-118 referred to in Article 41. However, the increases flood of Martin Garcia, affecting their current natural access to the channels of Martín García (Buenos Aires) and del Infierno, belong to this island.

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Unofficial translation into English (by Karolis B.):

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