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Photos from Medvezhe

Intersection to Medvezhe looking east. 

A beautiful long allée takes us to the village.

Most of the houses seems to have disappeared. A huge numbers of sand piles witnessed about relatively recent renovation.

This square appeared to have been the centre of Medvezhe. Only a framework of a building was left. Notice that It is here the Medvezhe street curves northeast.

This bus shed next to the village square was the less destroyed building in the entire exclave.

A few houses had not collapsed, but it was not possible to see if any of them had been recently used.

At the beginning of the curve the eastern exclave border meets the Republic of Belarus along a ditch. The birch trees are in Belarus. From this point there is only about 3 km through a Byelorussian forest road to mainland Russia. This route is frequently used by alcohol and cigarette smugglers transporting cheap Byelorussian contraband. 

The eastern borderline (from north towards south) is following the ditch or edge of forest.

The eastern borderline (from south towards north) is following the ditch or edge of forest (approximately in the middle of this photo.

Many places inside Byelorussian territory we found atomic warning signs put up on trees.

Photo of the forest road taken east of the exclave (photo towards northeast).

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