BM 122
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Büsingen border marker no. 122

Schaffhausen–Büsingen border marker no 122 is located in the street asphalt and this photo is photographed towards north. Schaffhausen (Switzerland) is west and Büsingen (Germany) is east. The border is here changing direction, towards northwest.

Photo taken of bm 122 towards north. In the background is border marker no 121, located under the trees on the right side of the street.

Photo taken of bm 122 towards south. Marker no 123 is located at the mainstreet.

Photo taken more down in the same street and towards north. Marker 122 is located in the road cross in the middle of this picture. These two cars are parked on the borderline, left wheels are in Switzerland and the right wheels of the cars are in Germany.

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