BM 120
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Büsingen border marker no. 120

Border marker no 120 photographed from southwest towards northeast.

Border marker no 121 photographed from above. Left is north and right is south. The border is making a 90° turn here and is coming from west and going south.

Border marker no 121 photographed from northeast towards southwest. (The year of 1830 is confusing – maybe it should read 1839?)

Border marker no 121 photographed from north towards south. GB means direction of Grossherzogtum Baden (Germany).

Border marker no 121 photographed from east towards west. Switzerland is in the upper left corner and Germany is in the closer and right parts of the picture.

Photographed in direction from marker 120 towards marker no. 119. Switzerland is on left side and Germany is on right side. The entire Vögelingasschen street is on this stretch located inside Büsingen, but on the stretch from the turn and towards the Schaffhauser Strasse street it is divided between the two countries.

Here it is photographed from west towards east and border marker no 121. The border is on the right (southern) side of the street. Germany is left and Switzerland is south.

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