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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Visit to Russian Vištytis 2011

From Russian side of Vištytis towards east. Russian lake radar surveillance station. From the point the photographer was standing it is only about 160 m to Lithuania.

Immediately after our arrival an officer from the military station checked our documents.

Over the fence are to left the former 7, Dariaus ir Gireno street (present no 20) and to right the grey old customs building, now police station, at present no 18, Dariaus ir Gireno street.

This is the only dwelling in the Dariaus ir Gireno street which ended up permanent on Russian side. The two other farmsteads were on 1 Feb 2004 transferred from Russian to Lithuanian side after about more than teen years locked up inside Russia.

Mrs Marytės family is today the only family on Russian side. The fish smoking factory is closed down, but a camping place with cabins is under construction further 100 metres down the street. Mrs Marytė is also renting out a small cabin for tourists. There is also an environmental office behind their farm (the yellow building).

Hans Peter Nissen and Jan S. Krogh interview Mrs Marytė Ūkelienė. (Photo: Linda Nordstrřm Nissen.)

Hans Peter visited Russian Vištytis in 2003 during the Great Baltic Border Expedition (GBBE). Then, when there was no fence yet, he walked the way over the administration line from Lithuanian Vištytis and back again. (Photo: Linda Nordstrřm Nissen.)

Marytės house has still the old house number 3 in Dariaus ir Girėno street from when it still was connected with the Lithuanian part.

The family of five is living from fishing, tourism and pension from Lithuania.

Russian tourists rent boats and fish on the lake – or picnic.

Russian tourists and Russian registered row boats.

Old harbour in the western side of the village.

This is the bridge over River Pisa. Behind we see the now closed-down fish smoking factory. (Photo: Linda Nordstrřm Nissen.)
Photos from the 1990s when the fence still was not there can be found here.

Behind this bush one can get a glimpse of a water level regulating system between Lake Vištytis and River Pisa.


A Lithuanian registered car in Russian Vištytis. Photographed towards west. Here is the pasture the Lithuanian farmers lost access to on 1 Feb 2004 when the new border treaty was effective. (Photo: Linda Nordstrřm Nissen.)

Road junction at the highway and 1,95 km km by road west of Russian Vištytis. To left Uvarovo 9 km and to right Nesterov 23 km. 

Same point as last photo, but towards east and Vištytis direction. This is the crossroad up to Vištytis from the mainroad. By road it is 2 km to Mrs Marytė's house. The blue sign is advertising the tourist company arranging trips on the lake. Maybe it is the same constructing the datchas.

From the western bank of Lake Vištytis northeastwards the Lithuanian side and Vištyčio laukas.

Towards Vištyčio kalvos and Žirgėnai.

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