BP 202-203 from Latvian side



Between boundary post 202 and 203 (from Latvian side).

From north towards south: The boundary is following the middle of the small Varzupite creek. As everywhere else the tall fence here are located on Estonian side. From Latvian side it is possible to enter all the way to the border line. Boundary post 202 A3 is located in the right side of this photo. Behind it is almost possible to see another post, probably 202 A2. (There is all together about 10 posts between no. 202 and 203.)

This fence is virtually on the border, but not 100 percent as the creek below this bridge is not making a straight line. Only when Estonia and Latvia, maybe around 2006, both become member countries of the Schengen treaty these fences most likely will be removed and the situation for the citizens in Valga and Valka will almost as before 1990.

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