BP 201-202 Maps



Valga/Valka boundary post 201-202 Maps

The street on the Soviet topographical 1988 map sheet (O-35-76;77). It seems the Latvian name is Gaujas, while the Estonian is Mieri.

Note the building next to the border in the end of Me street. Maybe a garage. Not observed at border visit.

This image is taken from a Valga-Valka town map 1:10.000 (1993?) published by AS E. O. Map. (Uzmrja: Juri Vanaveski; uzzmja: Kalle Remm.)

On this map the entire street has the name of Miera. The house on the photo has here got house number 7.

(On this map the twin-streets of Savienibas and Phja are by unknown reasons both included on Estonian territory.)

Image from an internet map from E. O. Map (1999). The small buildings on this image were not observed at our visit.

Map image is from a received scan of an Estonian published Valga map 1:20.000

Map image from Valka-Valga town plan 1:20.000 published 2003 (map data of late 2002). Here the street is closed. The street has now two names, both Gaujas and Miera. The remaining part on Estonian side is not drawn up on this map.

Map image from the Estonian State Border Service's map (2003). The street ends at the boundary, and the remaining Latvian is visible as an approach to the houses at 24-26 Piiri street.

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