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Tripoints of Africa
Tripoints of America
Tripoints of Asia
Tripoints of Europe
Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Tripoints of the World

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Only territorial (land or sea) borders between three sovereign countries are counted. Every tripoint border country has to be recognized by at least 50 % of all neighbouring countries and at least 25 % of all United Nations member countries. All positions are on WGS84 datum unless otherwise stated.

Statistics Dry Dry+ Wet Wet
Number of tripoints in Africa: 61 26 4 31
Number of tripoints in America: 16 5 11
Number of tripoints in Asia:  48 32 1 15
Number of tripoints in Europe:  48 26 3 19

Number of international tripoints in the World: 

173 89 8 76

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