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Kleines Walsertal

Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Europe - Not Category A and B Enclaves/Exclaves

Europe has several type A and two B enclaves/exclaves.

Category B: One in Baarle (Belgium/Netherlands) and Jungholz (Austria).

Category E: Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Kaliningrad (Russia).

Category F: San Marino and The Vatican City State

Category G: Monaco (France)

Category I: Kleines Walsertal (Germany), Sördalen (Norway).

Category J: Between Gibraltar and Spain.

Category K: The tiny Island of Konpantzia (in Basque), Île de l’Hôpital, Île-des-Faisans or Île de la Conférence (in French), Isla de los Faisanes (in Spanish) («Pheasant Island») 2) ; Mosel River (Germany-Luxembourg).


  1. Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) is not a category D territory as it is connected with Scotland by territorial waters.
  2. In Basque Country, in the middle of the Bidassoa River, the smallest condominium in the world. It belongs for six months to France and six months to Spain.

Acknowledgement for map: Mr. Peter Smaardijk.


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