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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: NO/SE Boundary Marker 259 "Ivarsten" Turning Point

The Border Treaty of the Norwegian-Swedish boundary was signed on 21 Sep (Swedish date [Julian calendar]) OR on 2 Oct (Norwegian date [Gregorian calendar]) 1751 and ratified by both nations later the same year. The delimitation for this are reads (in Norwegian language):
"Siden L i n e a r e c t a til Joxetiok og derfra til Skarjahegorri i Dorriswag, hvorfra følges den Norske Linie til Saulotiok paa Berget Nord Saulo og saa til den Norske Punct i Stendalen ved den Østre Ende af Østre Lomi Vand, som er beliggende derimellem og Pieska eller Pithajauri, Siden til Nordre Suljetielma, derfra til Olmajallogeikna, Tulpageikna, Geutilis, Hurri, Sautas eller Tiokolis, Tiorro, Letnawardo, Pernitjok, Pauda, Stor-Rida Tioki, Mærfas, Vestre Jova Tiorra, og Ivarsten;"  Therefore we know the point is on this stone.

The exact turning point on the stone is according to Mr Trond Eilev Espelund at the Border Office in the Norwegian Mapping Authority, the middle point of this cross located between the Norwegian and the Swedish Kings' monograms. Recently it was drilled a hole exactly in the cross, so the point is now in the air.

Photo: © Ketil Stavdal.

The turning point is in the middle of the hole opening. The turning point is about 250°, so only a very small part of the stone (if any) is on Norwegian side of the border.

Ortophoto of the stone area (towards south-southwest). A and B are the nearest middle markers to the Ivar's Stone. In this not very accurate photo, it looks like the border turns at the borderpoint without touching the stone. It is necessary to do site surveys to determine if this is a correct assumption. If so, both royal monograms are actually located in Sweden.

This official desciption of the border stone also seems implying that the boundary line actually does not need to have any physical contact with the border marker. 1, 2)

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