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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Norwegian-Swedish (NO/SE) Boundary Marker 259 

Norwegian-Swedish border marker no 259 [named (in Norwegian) Ivarsteinen or (in Swedish) Ivarstenen – lit. Ivar's Stone] is maybe the biggest boundary marker in the world, located between North Norway and North Sweden, about 50 km south-southwest of Bjørnfjell and 27 km southeast of Sørdalen.  The border marker is a natural rock, about 6 metres high and several hundred tons.  Position: 67° 58' 10" N  17° 53' 59" E.

According to Åke Gustafsson 1) the top of the stone was painted yellow during the 1987 field works in order to make it more visible on ortomaps.
Photo: © Ketil Stavdal.

Royal Norwegian and Swedish monograms of 1763. Photo: © Ketil Stavdal.

The Ivarsteinen watched from north-northeast towards south-southwest. Notice the middle stone in front. Such middle stones usually are standing about on the boundary line.  Photo (with permission): © Roy & Lena Lysaa.

At NOSE boundary marker 259 the boundary turns about 250°. 2)

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