North Cape
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: North Cape
North Cape on 71 10′ 21″ N, 25 47′ 40″ E (in the background and in Norwegian originally called Knyskanes) is considered the northernmost point of Europe. Reality is a bit far from that in fact the majestic cape itself keeps no geographical record. The point on where I am standing on this photo at Cape Knivskjellodden on 71 11′ 6″ N, 25 40′ 42″ E is almost 1400 meters further north of North Cape.
Cape Knivskjellodden is the very northernmost point of Europe and mainland Norway with islands (excluding remote islands), but is not the northernmost point of Norway!  The local tourist association built a cairn at this remote position.

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