Bridge sign
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Bridge Sign

This sign located on the the bridge wall on Swedish side is stating that Morokulien bru (Morokulien bridge) is belonging to Statens vegvesen (the Norwegian Public Roads Administration). The sign is also telling that the bridge was built in 1994 by the Norwegians, 04 means it is located in Hedmark county and 1579 is the Norwegian bridge number. This 10,1 metres long bridge has even a Norwegian name, even if half of it is located in Sweden! All maintenance of the bridge is run by the Norwegian side, but the Swedish Vägverket (Swedish Road Administration) is sharing the run and maintenance of the roadside parks on both sides of the borders by a 3–5 years rotation. The width of the bridge is 9 metres and allowed axle load is 10 tons (BK10).


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